White Indo Kratom: Is This Strain Good For Productivity? (not edited)

White Indo Kratom: Is This Strain Good For Productivity?


White Indo is a popular strain kratom connoisseurs often suggest as the best type for users looking to increase productivity and boost energy. 


This indo strain also known for its ability to produce other effects found on the opposite end of the scale — such as creating a sense of relaxation and supporting sleep. 


In this article, we’ll cover everything you need to know regarding white Indo. Including what it is, what dose to take, potential side effects to be aware of, and more. 


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White Indo Kratom: Is This Strain Good For Productivity?

What is White Indo Kratom?

White Indo is also referred to as “White Vein Sumatra.” This is because it originates from Indonesia’s warm, damp regions and is typically found on Sumatra island. 

This strain is perfect for anyone looking for a boost of energy, mild pain relief, or an enhanced mood. 

Like many other strains of kratom, White Indo has been used medicinally for many years. It interacts with the central nervous system and pleasure receptors to create different physical and mental feelings. 

Its ability to alter your state of mind and relieve milder forms of pain has to be two of the main reasons it is so popular among the kratom community. 

These stimulating and cognitive-enhancing benefits are common among white vein kratom strains.

While taking White Indo, you can expect to experience the following effects:

  1. Analgesic (painkilling) benefits
  2. Mood enhancement
  3. Increased ability to focus
  4. Increased productivity & focus
  5. Fewer withdrawal symptoms 

White Indo is normally taken in either powder or capsule form. The leaf powder can be mixed into tea or other beverages or tossed into your mouth and washed down with a glass of water (AKA the “toss and wash” method). 

Unless you’re fond of kratom’s bitter taste (most people aren’t), the best options would be to toss the powder into your mouth quickly, wash it down, or try an alternative such as capsules. 

Capsules are also a bit more convenient compared to loose powder. They allow you to very easily take a pre-measured dose of kratom on the fly. The downside is that you’ll need to take a few large capsules at a time to reach the desired dose.  

What Does White Indo Kratom do? 

Some of the popular benefits a user will experience after taking a dose of White Indo include:

1. Pain Relief

White Indo is believed to be an effective option when it comes to easing aches and pains. Users seem to praise the strain’s pain-relieving properties, which prove to be a bit more effective than other white vein strains.

It’s suggested that kratom helps alleviate pain by binding to opiate receptors in the central nervous system.

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2. Mood Enhancement 

White Indo may help reduce anxiety and stress levels and enhance your overall mood. Like other types of kratom, it can help you achieve a more positive mindset, increase feelings of confidence and enthusiasm, and allow you to be more social. 

Some users like to use white Indo to mitigate symptoms of depression. 

The mitragynine alkaloid found in kratom works by binding to the brain’s opioid receptors, the same ones that help regulate your mood. 

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3. Improved Focus 

White Indo can help improve your productivity, attention to detail, help you focus, and keep you mentally alert. This makes it a great option when you have lots of tedious work or tasks that need to get done promptly. 

It does this by facilitating the emissions of acetylcholine, which is something that helps with our ability to focus. This neurotransmitter can also improve focus and memory through better sensory stimuli response.

If you’re looking to achieve feelings of improved focus and being more productive, you mustn’t take too high of a dose. 

Taking more White Indo won’t make you feel more energized. 

Taking too much White Indo will have the opposite effects and can make you feel sedated. If you are sedated, chances are you won’t be getting much done at all.

4. Increased Energy Levels 

Another typical result of this variety of kratom is stimulation, as it is with other white vein strains. 

Taking small doses of White Indo can result in effects similar to drinking coffee. This is a practical use for anyone studying, trying to complete tasks, or get work done, or trying to get in a great pre-workout. 

Kratom leaves can increase blood circulation, allowing for larger amounts of oxygen to enter your cells and bloodstream. 

Many people who have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome use strains like White Indo to help combat the challenging symptoms associated with it.

5. Sedation & Improved Sleep Quality

Many users also appreciate White Indo for its sedative qualities when taken in larger doses. It can do a great job at keeping the user in a relaxed and calm state of mind.

These effects help fight insomnia and restlessness, including combating restless leg syndrome, which can be a common issue among people who have trouble getting to sleep.

6. Mitigating Symptoms of Withdrawal

White Indo has the potential to manage opiate withdrawal by reducing the symptoms you’d commonly experience because of it, such as controlling nausea and relieving insomnia. 

It will also help control mood swings, curb opiate cravings, fight restlessness and irritability, and alleviate myalgia. 

Where to Buy White Indo Kratom

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White Indo Kratom Dosage 

The recommended kratom dosage is going to depend on various factors:

  1. Your age
  2. What form you’re taking it in
  3. The kratom brand
  4. Your tolerance level
  5. Your body weight

Fortunately, there are some general guidelines that you can start with. 

General dosage recommendations for white Indo kratom are as follows:

  • Mild aches & pains — between 2-4 grams
  • Moderate physical pain — between 3-5 grams
  • Severe or chronic pain — 5+ grams
  • Stimulating & energizing effects — between 2-5 grams
  • Sedative effects — between 5-8 grams

Keep in mind that if you’ve got a high tolerance and you’re an experienced kratom user, you will likely need a higher dose. If you’re new to kratom, you won’t need as much white Indo to feel its effects.

Kratom is dose-dependent. What this means is that depending on the dosage, you’ll experience very different effects. 

If you need more energy, you may want to take a smaller dose in the morning or during the day. 

If you’re looking for sedative effects to help you sleep better, you will likely need a larger quantity in the evening.

Bodyweight also plays a large role in what amount you’ll need to take. If you weigh more, you’ll need more, and if you don’t weigh much, you will need to take a significantly lower dose. 

Side Effects of White Indo Kratom

The most common adverse side effects users report are sweating, nausea and vomiting, and stomach pain or constipation.

Some other side effects one may experience after consuming too much white Indo are: 

These effects are usually only experienced in very high doses and new users if they aren’t careful with how much they take to begin with. 

If you’re new to kratom, it’s recommended you start with a low dose and gradually increase it until you notice the effects you desire. 

Taking too much to start with can cause unwanted side effects, and you’ll have no choice but to wait them out. 

If you do experience any of these adverse side effects, be sure to stay very hydrated and keep yourself calm — the feelings will eventually pass.

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Similar Kratom Strains

White Bali kratom shares a lot of the same effects and benefits as White Indo Kratom. They both offer energizing, stimulating effects in smaller doses and more sedating effects when taken in larger amounts. 

They also share the abilities to help a user increase their productivity, boost their mental clarity, and focus more efficiently. 

The main difference is that White Indo tends to be a bit stronger and has longer-lasting results compared to White Bali. 

So if you’re looking for more potent results that last a long time, White Indo is the better choice for you. 

Final Thoughts: White Indo Kratom

White Indo is favored for its significant nootropic effects. Users who take White Indo tend to be more energized, focused on their tasks, and can work or study for longer periods. 

It’s also a good option for mild pain relief, fighting withdrawal symptoms, and combating insomnia.

It resembles other white vein strains regarding the general effects it will have on a user. Still, the big difference is that the results of taking White Indo tend to be more pronounced, and they last much longer than other varieties. 

Similar to coffee, White Indo is known to give users much-needed drive that can get them through a chaotic day or busy work routine. Coffee can at times lead to nervousness, sweating, and feeling sluggish once it wears off, and White Indo is generally free of these unwanted effects. 

Users tend to favor this variety of kratom over others due to its minimal side effects.

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